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Welcome to Investur BT

We are a Budapest based private family office, providing investment, management and lifestyle solutions to our global clientele. Investur BT offers our valued clients a choice of investment opportunities ranging from stocks and bonds, venture capital, to tangible holdings such as real estate property, artworks, antiques and collectibles.

Our more unique investments are in the field of technological innovation and advanced engineering ventures, providing multi-round funding in market changing endeavors. As an independent firm we are in a position to offer our ultra-high wealth clients exclusive access to attractive investments in emerging technologies. Every investment opportunity we consider has been painstakingly checked and undergone in-depth business and financial analysis and due diligence process before being offered to our clients. We tailor an investment portfolio proposal based on each client's distinctive individual risk profile and preferences.

Our services

Among the assorted services we offer our select clients:

  • Portfolio planning & management

  • Estate and generation transition

  • Investment advice

  • Family governance

  • Tax planning

  • Legal services

  • Lifestyle management & concierge

  • Ancillary administrative services

Our Team

Our team members are all seasoned professionals, hand-picked by us from key positions in their respective fields for their skills. Our team members include portfolio managers, analysts, financial professionals, technologists, engineers, business development advisors, estate planners, legal and accountancy professionals, philanthropy consultants, governance guides, lifestyle & concierge experts, among others. Our team works in close coordination with an international network of trusted associates and experts, drawing on their particular fields of expertise as required.


Investment Categories

Financial Products

These include stocks and bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds among others. The financial products we recommend to be included in a client's investment portfolio are based on their unique investor profile and risk exposure tolerance.

Tech ventures

We present our clients with the opportunity to join us in powering the next revolutionary engineering and technologies. We provide multi stage funds to market oriented technologies with significant market-changing potential. Our experts take a proactive role in ventures, taking a seat on the board as well as nurturing and guiding ventures throughout the various development stages to market launch and beyond.

Tangible investments

We provide our clients with comprehensive management services for their real estate holdings, taking care of negotiations, rent collection, maintenance oversight, as well as various ancillary administrative and regulatory matters. We also handle investments in more esoteric, niche investments in such tangibles as antiques, artworks and collectibles.

Family Office Services

Investur BT offers ultra-high wealth families a comprehensive package covering a wide range of services, such as: Portfolio planning & management, Investment advice, family governance, estate and generation transition, tax planning, legal services, lifestyle management & concierge, as well as ancillary administrative services. These can be divided into four specific disciplines:

Portfolio planning & financial management

We draw up an investor profile together with the client, taking their tax circumstances, their level of risk aversion, as well as their personal preferences into account. We present a detailed strategy and investment plan and once authorized by the client acquire and compile a personalized portfolio of holdings. Our portfolio managers diligently monitor portfolio performance, making adjustments whenever necessary. At Investur BT we uphold a policy of full transparency with our clients, notifying them regularly of any developments or recommendations regarding their portfolio composition. Clients can login to access their personal portfolio information and stay in touch with our portfolio managers via the client area on this site.

Estate planning, governance & generational transition

Perhaps the most trying challenge facing ultra-high worth families' business interests is that of governance, in particular issues surrounding cross-generational transition. It's vital to engage all the stakeholders and to delineate an agreed upon governance strategy, one that takes into account all stakeholders' requirements. The alternative is potentially disastrous. Astute estate planning is vital in order to facilitate smooth inter- generational transition. At Investur BT we do everything in our power to ensure that all stakeholders are consulted, and that their needs and requirements are heeded.

Philanthropic planning

Charitable activity enables individuals and families to contribute to the community and to make a measurable impact. It teaches younger family members social responsibility and the importance of helping society. When contemplating philanthropic activity it's important to take legal and taxation issues into account, that's where we can be of assistance. Investur BT's advisors help our clients plan and implement well- structured charitable activities in accordance with the clients' values and requirements.

Lifestyle management & concierge

In addition to our investment and portfolio management services we offer our valued clients a selection of lifestyle and concierge services, including travel planning and booking, household management, bookings and reservations, domestic staff management, and much more. Whatever the client requests we'll do everything in our power to make it happen, from VIP access to venues, yacht, plane or vehicle purchases, planning and implementing relocations, hiring private tutors, arranging pampering family vacations, we've seen it all and have the experience to provide our clients with these and more concierge services at very short notice.

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